In – School Sports program

In-School Sports Program

EduSports by Sportz Village integrates a structured sports curriculum in your school for the overall health and fitness development of the children.



The FUNdamentals focuses on teaching the basics of sports to all children. EduSports’ inclusive curriculum is developed keeping in mind the physical and psychological needs of children.


  • Adopts age-appropriate curriculum based on the specific needs of the school.
  • Ensures that every child participates in sports activities.
  • Encourages children to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Inclusive Curriculum

EduSports’ inclusive curriculum is developed keeping in mind the physical and psychological needs of children.

  • Age-appropriate curriculum based on the specific needs of the school.
  • Ensures that every child participates in the sports activities.
  • Educates children to live a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Customized activities for children with special needs.


Comprehensive tests to track the fitness and sports skills of every child in the program.

  • Skill Assessments: Assesses different sports centric skills for different age groups.
  • Fitness Assessments: Assesses physical fitness on various parameters such as aerobic and anaerobic capacities, flexibility, core strength, upper body strength and lower body strength.


  • Individual/collective action plan for improvement.
  • Identification of the fittest children in each grade.
  • Sports mapping.
  • Identification of talent pool for school teams.

Props and Equipment

Train the trainers

  • Multiple trainings are conducted throughout the year.
  • Trainers have access to module based training content through a digital platform.
  • All trainers are given an EACE (EduSports Academy of Coaching Excellence) certification on the completion of their training.
  • The training is approved by NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) and aligned to qualification standards set by NSDA (National Skill Development Agency) and SSC (Sector Skill Council).

Sportz Village App

The Sportz Village app has been created with the intent to encourage parents to get involved in their child’s sports activities at a deeper level. The app is also a platform for children to improve their general knowledge through sports and to lead a healthy lifestyle.Through the 'Sportz Village App' parents can:

  • Get to know what their child has learned in Sportz Village classes.
  • View skill and fitness reports with detailed information.
  • Get to know about events and other competitions conducted by Sportz Village.
  • Enhance their child's general knowledge with daily SLAM messages.
  • Get health tips from nutrition and sports blogs.
  • Help their children improve in sports with the help of training videos.

SLAM is an innovative knowledge enhancer, which makes subject learning more interesting and engaging for children through sports trivia.

Daily SLAM: Current sports news is connected with general knowledge/academic concept.

SLAM Quiz: An intra and inter-school general knowledge quiz on the information shared through Daily SLAM.

SLAM Digest: A book with interesting sports trivia, designed for grades 6, 7 and 8 to help teachers relate sports with academic subjects.

  • References for classroom discussions during the explanation of concepts.
  • Relates sports-specific information with academic concepts.

A series of intra-class competitive events conducted for every class in the Sportz Village Schools program.

  • Generates interest amongst children who do not usually participate in competitive events.
  • Brings an element of competition amongst children.

Sportz Village Schools provides support to schools in organizing sports day in the form of planning, training and execution of drills.

Sportz Village Play Date - A community fitness initiative- Gives the adults the opportunity to step into their sports gear and get outdoors for a day of fun, fitness and sports.

  • Parent engagement activities.
  • School staff engagement activities.
  • Providing ground assistance to conduct Parents’ Day, Teachers’ Day, Grandparents’ Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day.
  • Recognition for winners with certificates.

Sportz Village Partner League (SPL) provides competitive match-play experience for children of grades 3 and above in a league-style format.

  • Multi-sport intra-school tournament.
  • Opportunity for every child to participate in a competitive environment
  • Children develop life skills such as sportsmanship and fair play.
  • Opportunity for talent identification

A day time sports social event for toddlers and parents! Kiddies meet is a day at the outdoors for the children below grade 2.

  • Exposure to sports and physical activity at the grassroot level.
  • Events for toddlers.
  • Parent-children engagement activities.
  • Recognition for winners with trophies and certificates

Social emotional development covers add on programs where children can develop various social emotional and life skills such as leadership, teamwork and sportsmanship.

The idea for self-defense especially for girls is driven by the need for self-protection. Shakti aims to train girls to always be alert and self-aware. The program also offers counseling sessions for trauma management.

  • Easy to learn martial arts skills.
  • Exercises to improve mental preparedness.
  • Counseling session with a psychologist for better trauma handling.
  • Participants are prepared to defend themselves against unanticipated situations.
  • Participants learn to become mentally and emotionally stronger.

MILES is a multi-sport life skills program for middle school, anchored by children and facilitated by a Sportz Village Schools' advisor. MILES aims to counter the disengagement with sports seen in adolescents and middle schoolers.

  • Increasing interest in sports using guest lectures and inspirational movies/videos.
  • Modified sports rules to engage children without sufficient sports skills.
  • Peer based model - Activities anchored and led by children
  • Improve fitness and health.
  • Improve student engagement with sports.
  • Life skills.

Talent identification and development

Talent development covers add on programs wherein children are trained to acquire new techniques as well as enhance their existing skill set pertaining to a particular sport.

Sportz Village School League (SVSL) is a city-wide inter-school league in a home-away format which gives children exposure to competitive match play.

  • Exposure to competition on a regular basis.
  • Visits by sports experts to identify talent.
  • Opportunity to play against schools across the city.

After-school academies leveraging school and community infrastructure.

  • The SDC covers various sports such as cricket, football, basketball, swimming and tennis and caters to children between the age group of 6 years to 17 years.
  • In-depth performance analysis for every child.

HPLC's aims to create and develop technically brilliant players who understand the dynamics of match play and are excellent at applying their skills in game situations.

Key components: