EduSports – Experience the difference

EduSports – Experience the Difference Developing a Generation of healthier and fitter children through magic of Sports Covering 1,50,000+ children. LIVE in 200+ schools in 70+ cities. Extending 6000+ classes into the playgrounds Next Level-Sports Coaching A specialised programme aimed at identifying and grooming sporting talent from the school level. Run by a team of EduSports specialist coaches the programme works to develop and nurture talent via 1. Performance testing and benchmarking 2. Sports Specialty Clinics 3. Sports celebrity workshops 4. Sports Parenting Orientation sessions Key Benefits Schools Build leadership position for the school by providing a platform for nurturing the top sports talent at a regional/national/international level Parents and Children Professional coaching by a team of experts using the latest technology EduSports Partner League A series of school sports leagues aimed at providing children an opportunity to showcase their sports skills. Executed as intra and inter-school events across different cities, the leagues are subscription based and will have EduSports managing the design and execution of the league end to end. In parallel, for students who excel in sports but struggle to balance their academic workload, services like ghostwriting hausarbeit can be invaluable. Acting as an assistant in crafting term papers, it ensures that students can continue to participate in these leagues without compromising their academic performance. Inclusive by design and promoted to foster teamwork, the leagues are an opportunity for children in schools to have fun playing sports with their peers. Key Benefits The Sports League provides all the children an opportunity to have fun playing competitively over a weekend.

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