Sports: Patience v/s Expectations in kids sports

As parents start investing more time and money in their child’s sports, there is a marked change in their approach to their child’s performance in sports.

And there is a “tipping point” at which it all goes horribly wrong!

Here’s an interesting take on the “Patience v/s Expectations” issue by the folks at Changing the Game. The graph below shows how parents patience and expectations change as they start investing more into a child’s sporting interests. Detailed article here:

And here’s what it should ideally look like:

I.e. your patience should always be above your expectations.

Have high expectations about the quality of the coach, the life-skills and the key values that you want your child to learn from sport.

But have high patience about the child’s performance on the sports front.

Your child is playing to have fun. Not to meet your expectations.

Are you at the tipping point? 🙂

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