Super Girls – How EduSports is getting them ready to take on the world

All of us face challenges when it comes to goal setting and planning for success. We might overestimate our own strength, or even worse, we might undermine our true potential. Hence, as adults, we seek guidance and expertise in certain areas of goal setting and working on a plan to achieve what we aim for. We are a part of the vast majority of adults who fail year-on-year to stick to the goals that we set for ourselves.

However, children associated with EduSports have a completely different story!

There is no denying that young people’s potential is limitless and sport inspires them not just with dreams of becoming an athlete but by equipping them with life-changing skills. Thanks to a healthy mix of their undying spirit, optimism and guidance delivered by EduSports in providing Physical Education and sports curriculum to school children, there are many success stories of school-girls around us. Most girls who are involved in the Physical Education curriculum are helped with their goal settings and one such rising star is Andrea Pinto, a grade X student studying in Legacy School, Bangalore. It was during one of the early EduSports curriculum that Andrea showed an interest towards athletics. She has now moved to a specialist training program but has fresh memories of how EduSports activities supplemented her ongoing training while she was a part of it.

Andrea’s parents are proud that sports has made a very positive impact on her. It has helped her learn time management, made her disciplined, focused and resilient. She already has many laurels in her kitty, like representing the state of Karnataka and has received the prestigious opportunity to represent Bangalore at the International Children’s Games held at Alkamaar, Netherlands in June, 2015. But she has had her share of challenges too, the biggest one being striking a balance between sports and academics. Her focus and our guidance in her goal-setting have helped her sail through. “Now, the only time it gets a little challenging is during my exams but otherwise it’s fine,” says Andrea.

Not all girls are lucky to have parents like Andrea’s who support their children to participate in sports. A recent EduSports study indicates that over 75% of school children in the country stop participating in any organized sport or physical activity by the time they enter middle-school or adolescent years. The data also shows that dropout % are higher for pre-teen and adolescent girls, even though global participation of young women in sports is increasing. Here at EduSports, we have observed that there are three main factors that inhibit the participation of girls in sports:

Gender bias: where a boy who plays is considered athletic while a girl is termed as a ‘tomboy’. Social conditioning: where girls in the home surroundings are not proactively included in sports conversations or celebrations. Inadequate sporting skills: which lead to poor participation levels due to lack in learning of fundamental sports skills. Through its age & skill appropriate in-school sports & PE program, EduSports has helped various schools in promoting girls’ inclusion in sports. Over the last 7 years, EduSports has helped over 1.5 lakh school girls experience the magic of sports and one such sensation is Aashna Francis, an ardent sports person. She has represented her school’s football, basketball and athletics teams and has been recently awarded at the all India international schools sports meet in Pune for her achievements. She beams with pride recollecting her feat in rock climbing, in which she was recognized as the best promising climber at a climbing competition hosted by XLR8. When asked if she benefited from the EduSports program, Aashna candidly says, “EduSports program has helped me improve my skills and the training has helped me strengthen my core, which is extremely important as an athlete. The fitness and skill assessments have pushed me to challenge myself and improve my timings and results in various tests.” Aashna has set herself some goals and she is confident of achieving those because sports has taught her to believe in herself and never give up.

While she continues her chase for excellence, the coaches at EduSports continuously monitor the progress of children like Aashna who are making large strides towards their goals. If an athlete is making great headway, we let them know how well they are doing. If, however an aspiring athlete is struggling, we find out ways to work with them in order for them to cope with the struggles and witness their progress. Our assessments are not to highlight a few stars but to help others achieve what they think are unfathomable and make them shine too.

It really doesn’t matter if a goal seems unrealistic or outside-the-box as long as children focus on why they want to achieve it. Our residents help budding sports persons reflect on the reason behind indentifying a goal because if they are able to explain why they chose it; they will develop a deeper connection to the goal, which will strengthen their resolve to succeed. Raquel Rodericks is one such sports person who has a vision now.

Raquel started out as a football enthusiast in her school and is currently the School Sports Captain serving the sporting needs of the student body. From participating with her team at Legacy School to winning at various intra and inter-school sporting events to a nationwide international schools’ sports meet in Pune, Raquel is living her dream. She has had her share of woes trying to balance sports and academics but she sailed through with the support from her parents, school and guidance from EduSports residents. She stated that “Yes, I have been through EduSports program and my experiences with the coaches from EduSports are truly appreciable, especially Regin Sir. He has supported and encouraged our Girls Football team constantly and helped us work better as a team and built our confidence.”

And she does not limit herself here. Her dream is to start a girls’ football team and to propagate girls’ football in India. “I personally aspire to better myself at all sports as it is a very significant part of my life,” says a confident Rodericks. Such a powerful statement coming from a girl only establishes the belief further that a perfect accomplishment is one thing, but the true value of sports lies in achieving the goals set and determining a plan for success where one can give back to the society.It will not be far-fetched to say that girls like Andrea, Aashna, Raquel and many others in making with their fortitude will take on the sporting world by storm. Here at EduSports, we are proudly shaping up these mini-avalanches to conquer the world. It is only a matter of time now…


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